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Am I able to find my iTunes serial number? I need it for the problem solving as my problem is solely bad on my iTunes.

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For the Apple problem solving section I need a serial number, my issue is that my problem regards missing contents within my iTunes. Do I have an iTunes serial number? And if so, where can I locate it? If there is not a serial number for iTunes, advice on what to do next is much appreciated.
The best answer: iTunes has no serial number. If you are trying to get to Apple phone support, that is linked to the purchase of Apple hardware, so you need to enter in the serial number of an Apple device. Otherwise, for assistance with problems with iTunes itself you would need to call Apple Support and they would almost certainly charge for the call. I would instead suggest you post the issue you're trying to address here in detail. Someone here can probably offer suggestions.
If your issue is with the iTunes Store, not the iTunes application, go here:
and follow the instructions to report your issue to the iTunes Store.


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