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Android Issues? Operator or Operational System Problems?

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The concept of the Android operational system got many rave reviews, and many positive comments regarding the many things an android phone can achieve.  However,  as a funtionally smartphone to use in business to organize, file and utilize contacts, it falls short in the performance department.  Many of the primarly functions as a smart phone of the Droid X falls short and at this time after nearly four months and 4 droids, the solution appears far in the distance.
I am presently using my 4th Motorola Droid X, which all the 3 previous models were deemed defective by Motorola & Verizon Tech's.  I find it interesting that it appears that despite numerous telephone calls for help & assistance, that I am told by both Motorola & Verizon support that the following concerns do not show as problems with the Droid X.
Don't believe me... get out your droid now and try the following:
1. Why when selecting either a phone number, address or email as "DEFAULT", absolutely nothing is displayed to indicate that a default was set?   
         SOLUTION:  Upon selecting either a phone number, address or email as DEFAULT, why not have the entire entry change color to GREEN.  (keep in mind those that might be color blind).  Green is the color that means go, first, and is most easily viewed immediately.
2. Why when selecting a contact to edit does information appear in different order in "edit" screen that in the "contact data screen.?
       SOLUTION:  Programmers you need to fix this discrepancy.  It is too confusing when trying to compare data.
3. Why does the data also appear differently in different order when comparing information to that which is displayed on google.account?
       SOLUTION:  See answer to number 2.
4. Why when conducting searches in which many of the contacts have similar names (like "Marina") that the search will not list all of the contacts matching criteria requested in search?
       SOLUTION:  Correct search critera to examine all data fields and to ensure multiple entries in each field is identified by the search feature. 
  NOTE: it would be nice that when search results are listed that user have the option to see requested search first rather than all other contacts that have matching criteria.  Example.  if searching for Marina,  if typing Ma...  as the letters are typed only list those matches that the MA is matching as the first two characters FIRST rather than every match that contains the letters MA. 
But still problem remains that the search criteria leaves out contacts that have the exact match requested criteria.
5.  Why have the ability  to create groups if groups will not sync  between the phone and gmail? 
    SOLUTION:  Programmers need to investigate and determine why when creating groups on the phone or on gmail do not sync.   If the phone is designed to be a phone to work with the google /gmail features, then perhaps all of the features should be tested... or make a disclosure prior to sale of functions that do not work.
6. Does this Droid X, have the ability to work as designed with more than one gmail contact?  IF YES, then how is a particular gmail account linked to a contact?  Can this contact gmail link be changed or linked to more than one email without having to retype contact data?  There appears to be no method in which to select a gmail in which to link a contact?
       SOLUTION:  enable feature to select which account to link a contact.   Also, enable ability to select mulitple links and/or ability to switch links.  
7. What causes differences in total number of contacts on the phone than that listed in the gmail account?  Phone constantly shows fewer contacts than the gmail account,  in my case, there are (402) missing contacts on the phone?
      SOLUTION:  There should be mathatical check to ensure contacts match both phone and gmail account and an error message when the count differs.   NOTE: is there a problem not disclosed regarding an OUTLOOK CVS file not syncing with a google account data?
8. Constantly getting message:  SORRY, The application Google Services Framework (process com.google.process.gapps) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.   FORCE CLOSE.   Why? What is constantly not working?
  NOTE: This problem appears,often several times, then is followed by phone resetting itself. 
The best answer: Thank you for your reply from the Droid (1) point of view.  However, the issues I have addressed are regarding the DROID X model only.  I am sure there are more issues that I have not discovered, but I am confident that these problems are NOT caused by operator error.  I look forward to any comments from those of you using the DROID X.  Let me know if you find any other problems.  OH.  Has anyone purchased the Navigational/Music Vehicle Mount by Motorola for the DROID X?  Has anyone found a "CASE" that allows you to use the Mount with the case still on the DROID X?  Motorola states that they do not make a case.  I wonder just how the prototype was developed with out an actual case to create the mount?  Sounds like possible class action material.  Build, Sell an accessory that can't support the accessory as advertised?