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Apple, I downloaded a app from tongbu (minecraft pe) and it ask for my Apple ID details and then the app crashed I am scared that it will get my Apple ID and use it on my credit card please tell me what should I do but I don't want to factory reset .

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Hi I downladed minecraft of tongbu, and it asked for Apple ID, it crashed I think it is used to get Apple ID and use it on MY credit card please tell me what to do. I do not want to factory reset because I have a lot of gaming progress, tell me what should I do, I beg you.
The best answer: Hello there wkertisrags,
It sounds like you are concerned about your Apple ID security. I would start by resetting your Apple ID password with this article:
Apple ID: Changing your password
You can also add some enhanced security with Two-Step Verification, and here is some more information on that:
Frequently asked questions about two-step verification for Apple ID
If you feel your account data or security has been compromised you may want to reach out to our Account Security team with this article:
Apple ID: Contacting Apple for help with Apple ID account security
Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.
Take care,


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