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Apple Mini-DVI to Video Adapter and Mac mini (2009)

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Can anyone tell me whether the Apple Mini-DVI to Video Adapter listed here:
works with the latest Mac mini (early 2009)?
If it does not what other solutions are there to connect to composite, component or s-video?
The best answer: KC from Ann Arbor, MI had this to say as a review on the page to which you have linked;
I bought a Mac Mini (May 2009) and this Mini-DVI to Video adapter with plans to use it to send an S-video signal to an analog TV. Though the sales staff at the Apple store said it should work, it does not. The graphics card apparently should support it, and it may be addressed with a future driver update, but as of now this does not work. I have used a mini-DVI to VGA adapter and monitor to verify that the port is working, and also verified that the S-video cable and TV input work. There are third party VGA to S-video/RCA adapters available so I plan to use one of those for my purposes. This is probably a 5-star product when used with the right Mac; however, Apple should have made it clear that having a mini-DVI port on your Mac is necessary but not sufficient for this to work - hence the 3 stars.