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Apple Mini-DVI to Video Adapter - Can't get it to work!

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Bought the Apple Mini-DVI to Video Adapter to hook up my Macbook to my TV. I tried it when it first arrived and it worked within minutes of setting up. Great! I go to set it up and use it again a week later, and it wouldn't work at all. I went through every possible setting I could to try and get it to work, nothing. Do these things have a tendency to go out or short out or something? I'm getting nothing but scrambled screens, grey screens, etc. Nothing seems to work.
Any other solutions for playing my laptop on my TV?
The best answer: Hey Rob,
Is your profile information accurate? The MacBook 2,1 was introduced in November of 2006 and discontinued in May of 2007, so the mini-DVI to video adapter ought to work.
What, exactly, do you see on your screen? Are all of the connections nice and snug? Do you have another RCA cable you can try? You can use a white or red one if you want; they all will work as long as you're connecting the video adapter to the yellow port on the TV.