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Apple Mini DVI to Video Adapter is not working. Please Help...

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I bought an Apple Mini DVI to Video Adapter to connect my Macbook to a TV using normal video cable. When I connect the cable, my Laptop DIsplay gives a flickr once and then it shows nothing. I checked Display in the system preference where I don't get a secondary monitor option. My TV is panasonic and it's an old one. I work on Final Cut Pro and it's very very important to see my videos on a TV. What am I doing wrong with the connection? Anyone Please Please help...
The best answer: Your probably not doing anything wrong. There are thousands of users with Similar issues and it seems to be with many different adapters.
We have Mini DP to VGA (3 different brands) and they all fail most of the time. This seems more prevalent with LCD Projectors. I've tested some (50+) with VGA Monitor (HP) and they all worked, LCD Projector (Epson, Hitachi, and Sanyo) and they all fail, DLP Projector (Sanyo) and one worked.
My Apple Mini DP to DVi works most of the time. My Mini DP to HDMI (Generic non Apple) works every time.
The general consensus is that Apple broke something in the OS around 10.6.4 or 10.6.5 and its not yet fixed. As we are a school we have logged a case with the EDU Support group so will see what happens.


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