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Apple Mini-DVI to Video Adapter Questions

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I'm in the processing of producing an instructional video using an Intel Core Duo iMac and iMovie. This content will be distributed primarily via broadcast over cable TV. Considering this, I'd like to be able to edit and view my dv footage on a TV monitor as I work.
I was told by the Apple Store person that the Apple Mini-DVI to Video Adapter (http://store.apple.com/1-800-MY-APPLE/WebObjects/AppleStore.woa/6314001/wo/jY18n ncCp3Nx2tYjws52iCaPkH1/ will enable me to
1. Mirror my desktop to simultaneously show me what my iMovie edits will look like on a TV; and
2. Enable me to edit in iMovie using the TV as my desktop.
Am I understanding the capabilities of the Apple Mini-DVI to Video Adapter correctly?
Regarding Cables
1. I currently use an RCA composite cable to view dv footage from my camcorder directly on the TV. Is this the same cable I'd attach to the Mini-DVI to Video Adapter?
2. The DVD recorder/player my TV signal is routed through has an s-video port. Is there a benefit to using an s-video connection in addition to/or instead of the RCA connections?
Thanks for helping me understand this setup scenario!
core duo Mac OS X (10.4.6)
core duo   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  
The best answer: Ditto to Karsten's post:
"Mirroring" a Mac's output to a TV, or plugging in an adaptor to provide a display on a Mac's screen and simultaneously on a TV ruins the Mac's display while this is happening by lowering its resolution. Ugghhh! (..I've tried this several times, in order to get a 'TV' signal out, showing the Mac's desktop, but it's hopeless..)
Karsten's method is the best - output to camcorder via the normal FireWire cable, and plug a TV or monitor into the camcorder's A/V Out socket!
[..Note, though, that Matti has pointed out that - what was it..? - during editing, some updating of the TV-thro-camcorder display doesn't work correctly. I can't remember exactly what the problem was, and I don't see it mentioned on Matti's Bugs Page, but there was some slight oddity. Nevertheless, this is still the best way of viewing on a TV or monitor..]