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Apple Mini-DVI to Video Adapter

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I have just purhased a new Macbook. My first mac ever
My question is regardng the Apple Mini-DVI to Video Adapter.
Do I read that correctly that I can hook my macbook up via rca and s-video but not composite? Does Apple make one cable that will do both?
I would like the ability to hook up to a projector which will likely be composite. As well RCA/S-video via t.v or DVD inputs.
The best answer: For VGA you will need the Mini-DVI to VGA adapter. For composite video you will need the Mini-DVI to video adapter. If you want sound while using the video adapter you will need a 3.5mm to rca stereo cable. This is a y cable like this Example of 3.5mm to RCA Y cable
FYI the RCA output on the video adapter is composite video.