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AROS - An operation system inside Android

A rather unkown operating system is AROS - the AROS Research Operating System. It is a free operating system based on AmigaOS 3.1 and is designed to be sourcecode-compatible to Amiga programs. It is available for many platforms, native ones (x86, PPC, ARM) and hosted versions which uses the drivers of the host operation system (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android).
The installation is very simple: Download the Android version of AROS, unpack the AROS folder to your SD-card or internal memory, and install the AROS.apk bootstrap. Open the App and the OS is loaded in a few seconds. The Android device has not to be rooted.
The idea is very good: You have a full window-based operating system, with unlimited virtual screens. It also has an awesome DOS and a special programming language, ARexx, which allows interaction between programs. Because it is a full operating system, it is not limited to restrictions which have to ge made in Apps, f.e. complex graphical interfaces which requires windows. It's also very leightweight, so it even works very fast on old smartphones. AROS runs idependent from Android, but it uses the system and the SD-card is shared, so it's easy to exchange data. Disk images like for virtual machines are unneccessary.
Unfortunately, the AROS scene is not too big, and the highest focus is on the x86 version. Icaros Desktop is a very big distribution now. So there are only a very programs for ARM/Android, and some of them are not very stable or not completely fixed to the Android environment. But maybe it'll be interesting for some people to work on an OS which would enhance Android more than every single-purpose-App. If there will be good software, it could make it more interesting for lots of Android users.
Some links are following later, the copy/paste function doesn't work so good on the tablet. On YouTube are some AROS / Android videos.
Greets, Naquaada.
What's DOS? Fun Fun Fun Fun!
The best answer: Well, the main problem are the drivers.
I just made an Icaros Desktop 1.5.2 installation on my Thinkpad A31p, AC97 Audio, USB, Intel LAN, Atheros 5000 WLAN and Ultrabay Floppy are working. The weird ATI Mobility FireGL 7800 can only be used in VESA modes, so there's no 2D/3D acceleration, but this is not too neccessary. Ultrabay IDE is detected (f.e. LS-240) but can't be configured in HDToolBox. On my Thinkpad X61t Intel X3100 is supported native, but no 3D acceleration and no Intel HD sound, although the device is recognized properly.
AROS boots rather fast, about 20 seconds on the A31p. It uses GRUB 2 as bootloader, which makes it compatible to multiple OS types. Unlike Linux it has no read/write permissions, this makes it easy to make changes from the bootloader without root or else. And because it boots so fast, it's possible to make changes to the bootloader in less than a minute after powering on the A31p. It's also very easy to backup the bootloader: Make a copy of the boot/grub directory, if something wents wrong just boot from the Icaros Desktop Live DVD and replace the faulty one with the backup.
I'm not coding myself, today's programming methods are too complicated. First designing a GUI, preparing variables and labels, then maybe beginning with coding, after this a debugger, then compiler... it needs hours until you can test your program. I'm a classic programmer, Commodore BASIC, AmigaDOS scripts, ARexx, MS-DOS Batch and a bit AppleScript. I prefer a ?RETURN WITHOUT GOSUB ERROR IN 340 and manual searching for the error as waiting until the computer 'allows' me to start the program. AmigaDOS (which is also used in AROS and MorphOS) is extremely powerful, my Amiga 1200 booted in 26 seconds, including free selectable Bootpicture and Boot-MP3, only used by optimized AmigaDOS programming. And the A1200 has 50 MHz and a IDE controller with 3.5 MB/s !
Here are some Android hosted videos:
Hosted on the Raspberry Pi:
Sorry, there are no Lenovo tablets with AROS on YouTube yet. But it is far from working good at all, even the preferences programs are crashing sometimes. The x86 version is working best, and there's also a lot of software. It also exists a NTFS driver, although the writing-capatibility was disabled for safety reasons. The Webbbrowser OWB is very fast and fully ACID3-compliant. Of course, there's no Flash, so it would be interesting to focus on mobile websites. A lot of Open-Source-Software is already available for AROS. Unfortunately, there are only a very few coders, and the Android version wasn't more than a test.
Maybe it'll be interesting for Lenovo, creating an additional operating system for Android tablets which is not fixed on Apps. AROS is not dependent from Microsoft or Google, it also hasn't to care about Linux kernel versions. The system is also virus-free and rather proof against hacking because it's not internet-dependent like all other todays's operation systems. The idea may sound weird, but Android is also just available since 2008 and started from zero. An Android-hosted version of AROS would have from the start a platform of millions of devices. It'll only be useful to supply software, so all AROS-x86 coded software has to be transferred to ARM processors. Because AROS was designed to be sourcecode-compatible to AmigaOS 3, it should be possible to get more software.
Some Links:
The AROS forum is available here: http://aros-exec.org/
Icaros Desktop is the biggest distribution for x86 CPUs (>2 GB): http://vmwaros.blogspot.de/
Software for AROS, mostly for x86: http://archives.aros-exec.org/
What's DOS? Fun Fun Fun Fun!


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