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Bug fix for Mac book wireless - problem solved!

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Aparantly there is a rather large number of folks out there who've discovered this dillema with wireless not working very well at this point on the Macbook.
Well, I can attest there is one very good solution out there for this issue. This application called Sonar Theater from www.sunray.tv includes a bug fix for the wireless connection issues with Macbook in their latest 1.5 release of Sonar Theater.
I downloaded it, put it into my start up folder and waalaa! problem solved. I've haven't any more issues with dropped wireless since - it's been running constantly for over 2 weeks now.
I haven't even attempted to touch my router configuration - don't need to.
The best answer: Welcome to the better life of Macs. I am using Sonar Theater too and it's been working very well for me. In fact, I'm getting hooked on just texting a message to my Mac book to fire up user sessions now. I think if you give the Mac Book some time however, you'll find that there really is no comparison to PC's. Your life overall is going to just keep getting better as you dig in to the resources available to new Mac users.
I'm sure it seems confusing to PC users at first, but here's how to set up any application as part of your startup sequence. It really is extremely easy and simple compared to the PC world. Oh and by the way, in reality, Mac users refer to this as your login sequence. So, at login time, you can do a multitude of different things for each user account you might want to set up. Naturally, you can choose to share or not share applications and data between these user accounts on your Mac too....
Mac OS X 10.3 or later
1. Log in as the user who wishes to have a login item or as an admin user.
2. Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu.
3. Choose Accounts from the View menu.
4. Click the name of the user.
5. Click the Startup Items button
6. Click the "Add {+}" button.
The item you selected will automatically open the next time you log in.
there are several ways to get good info from the apple community on tips and tricks as well. you should just try the apple os x web site...here,
happy mac-ing!


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