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Calendar shows dot for event, but no event scheduled

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For the month of Nov 07, my calendar shows a dot every day, indicating that an event is scheduled, even on the days when no events are scheduled. I've made sure outlook calendar is correct and synced repeatedly, yet the dots are still there. I've tried clicking on the days that erroneously show a dot, hoping I could delete an event, but no event displays. This happened before and after the latest update. Any help is appreciated.
The best answer: When I click on the day it says "No Events".
I have people's birthday's that occur every year if that's what you mean by reoccurring, but who doesn't have that in their calendar?
I can take the date back to 1997 to way before I started entering appointments and it still shows the "dots".
The things I've read explain the "dots" mean I have an appointment on that day.
I appreciate the help so far. Solving this would be a great improvement for my calendar!
Thank you for your time.


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