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Can anyone tell me how to update my bios in my Acer aspire 5610Z laptop. I installed Ubuntu Linux

I installed Ubuntu Linux in my Acer Aspire 5610Z laptop and all was fine until the latest updates came in. I inquired about the problem and I was told that I needed the newer version of bios. My laptop uses Pheonix WinPhlash bios and I cannot make it work through Ubuntu. Iwould appreciate any help that anyone might be able to give me. The keyboard does not work correctly and the person at Ubuntu assured me that it was the bios causing the problem. My laptop originally came with a Windows Vista installation disk. Thanks in advance.Rich S.
The best answer: I had no problems with Ubuntu version 13. I started having problems with my keyboard after it upgraded to 14.04. I filed a bug / problem report with Ubuntu and I was told it was my out dated bios version 3.50. I went through hell trying to update it to bios version 3.60 but after many frustrating hours I finally ended up puting in Windows 2000 and updating WinPhlash through it. I had wiped my hard drive, reformatted it and it would no longer install Windows Vista. I can't figure that one out at all? After going through about two weeks of failure I finally got bios 3.60 installed. It did not change anything. The keyboard of the laptop worked just fine with Windows. When I put Ubuntu back it I had the same old ball game. I have to use a USB keyboard. I installed Ubuntu 15.04 (advice from my learned son) that produce no change either. Now, I had been going on the asumption that the fellow from Ubuntu knew what he was talking about since he assured me that it was a "buggy bios" version 3.50 causing the keyboard problem. I did a Google search only to find out that laptop keyboard problems are a very common thing with almost all versions of Ubuntu, especially version 14.04. I was told there is a Kernel 4.1 that may solve the problem but I do not understand Kernels very well and I fear I may mess things up and will have to start all over a again. I shall find out.


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