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Can't enter in ILOMS using terminal software

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Hi Guys
Server : Sun Sparc T4
I want to log into ILOMS but can't get past where I put in the username (root). I have tried putty, hyper terminal and tera term, all with the same result. All so using a null moden serial to LAN cable
These are the steps
1. Connect a terminal or a terminal emulator (PC or workstation) to the SER MGT port.
2. Configure the terminal or terminal emulator with these settings:
9600 baud
No parity
1 Stop bit
No handshake
++++Runs through all it's checks+++++++
Then this is where I get stuck, ENTER goes to the next line, but that's it
hostname login: root
Please help
The best answer: It looks the ilom software is hung.
Reset the SP card and try connecting again.
If the issue persists, try using the default account to login.
Steps are mentioned below.
How to recover from lost ILOM 3.0 password on a T3/T4/T5 Servers (Doc ID 1609147.1)
Still if you have issues, then log a SR with Oracle.


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