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Can't Install Java 2 Runtime Environment on Netscape 6.1 (Windows NT) ....

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Dear Colleagues:
I would like to help to solve the captioned problem:
I was prompted to install Java 2 when I visited a webpage,
but the installation/setup went with error and I restart my PC...
I can't open my Netscape 6.1 anymoree as Error Message (whenever I click my Netscape icon):
"Close the Program and let the Installation attempt to Complete..and Restart Windows."
I close my Windows and Restart but it doesn't work.
Please advise.
Many thanks!
The best answer: There might be some connection or transfer error during the J2 installion but it shouldn't require a reboot. I'm a N6.1 user with Win2k Pro. Try reinstall the n6.1 and download the JVM pack at netscape update center.