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Can't install the CC desktop app (MacOSX)

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I am signed in to the Creative Cloud on a new MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Mid 2014) running OSX 10.10.2. This is my first install of CC on this laptop.
When trying to install an application, eg Muse or PS, I am prompted to install the CC desktop app.
Which I download and install. While installing, the installation just quits...
I have repeatedly tried to install, 11 times unto now. Tried restarting, etc.
Tried downloading the free trial as a non member, same result.
Tried as another account on my MBP, same result.
Who has a pointer as to what could solve this annoying error ? Someone at Adobe ?? Anyone else ?
Thx in advance.
The best answer: J do you receive any specific error messages when installing the Creative Cloud Desktop application?  Have you utilized the steps listed in Error "Failed to Install" Creative Cloud Desktop application to reinstall the Creative Cloud Desktop application?