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Cannot send txt messages from my iPhone to a android galaxy gear 3

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My husband switched from an iPhone to a galaxy note three and kept his old cell number.  Now he cannot receive texts from any other iPhones including mine.
Research on Internet indicates this is common issue when an iPhone user switches to an android device and keeps old number from iPhone!  Problem does not happen with new android devices .any workable solution known?  So far suggestions in forums have not helped.  APPLE store personnel uninformed reissue,as well as Best Buy personnel.
The best answer: Looks to me like the question has indeed been asked 500 times or more...but still looks to me like many still have unresolved solutions if they have more than one Apple device.   I've been attempting to follow advice giving in forum conversations...still, no luck.  I had turned off imessage on old IPHONE before, then unregistered my old iphone, but still can not get txt messages from any of my friends who have an iphone...not one.   I do have several other Apple devices..an IMAC, an MAC BOOK PRO, an IPAD 2 and an IPAD3 still on my same Apple Account that my old phone was on.  Is this now the problem


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I posted this question a week ago and received no answer.