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Captivate 7.1 not working with latest Android operating system

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Courses created with Captivate are not working on tablets with Android's latest operating system - KitKat. The play arrow in the middle of the screen remains onscreen throughout the course. In some cases, it stops the course and buttons become inactive. In other cases, the course plays, but the arrow is still there and the sound is gone. The courses work with an older operating system. We are using the latest Chrome browser. Is there a fix? (Other than publishing with Captivate 8 - courses are on the client's LMS and we do not want to have to replace them.)
The best answer: Chrome version 36 has some issues with captivate html5 output. Please find the following workaround if you are using Chrome.
http://blogs.adobe.com/captivate/2014/07/update-on-captivate-html-5-content-playback-issue -in-google-chrome-browser.html


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