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Changing the name of serial communication example in lab windows. Urgent help required

I am using the example of getting data from rs 232 in lab windows. I want to use this in my final year project that's why I want to change its name that appears as  "serial communication example" how can I change its name and how can I make its exe file that will run on any system even without lab windows.
How can I modify this example to save the data. I am very new to lab windows, I was using hyper terminal previously.
The best answer: I am not informed about the file format that hyperterminal uses.  However, CVI allows wiring to files.  To get a list of functions that deal with file handling, press <Ctrl-Shift-p> to get the "Find Function Panel" dialog.  Type in "file" and press the "Find" button.  This will open a list of funtions that contain "file" in their name.


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