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Configuring SAP Provided oData services

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Hi All,
I saw that sap has many pre-delivered many oData services.
SAP NetWeaver Gateway Supported OData Channel Scenarios - SAP NetWeaver Gateway - SAP Library
Has anyone configured them and got to work?
I have a Hub Scenario and see that IW_CNT is a requirement for each of them. Configuration guide says that this is a component to be installed on the HUB server. Does it mean that DPC and MPC are going to be in the HUB for these scenarios? What if I want MPC DPC to be in backend ?
Any experience or comment is welcome.
The best answer: Hi Krishna,
Atanu is right. You either need to deploy either IW_CNT on systems prior to 7.40 and IW_FNDGC on 7.40 systems in the Hub.
The services themselves are in maintenance mode and are not developed further. That's why they have been packed in 7.40 in a separate AddOn and are not shipped as part of the 7.40 standard.
This is because we (SAP) do not plan to ship content via SAP NetWeaver Gateway but rather are shipping services as part of complete solutions such as SAP Fiori.
Though the customer can use the services I would recommend to develop your own services instead (the BAPI's hat have been used are listed in the SAP Online Help).
Another option if no development is wished would be to have a look at the applications that we are shipping with SAP Fiori.
Best Regards,