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Connecting iTunes to Samsung smart TV using airport express.

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Does anyone have any experience of connecting airport express to a Samsung smart TV to use as powered speakers?  I have connected using a standard convertor cable from 3.5mm jack to dual connections but this is not showing up on the TV 'Source'.  Samsung support have not been very helpful but I dont think I'm trying to do anything ground-breaking?!  This worked perfectly well on the previous TV.
If this is a no-go - has anyone managed to stream iTunes onto the TV using the wireless network? 
Any help/hints/warnings would be greatly appreciated.
The best answer: My TV has RCA-type analog inputs but for some reason they do not recognise the input from the Airport Express.  The music is streaming ok because if I connect headphones to the port on the airport I can get music playing.
I'm loathe to buy Apple TV to do what the Airport Express should do for me - however, I might end up down that route.  Can I play all content from my iMac - even music which was loaded from CDs onto the machine rather than purchased through iTunes.  I really dont want to have to pay £25 a year to mirror content I've already purchased in iCloud so that I can play it in my own house.
Thanks for the advice.


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