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Connecting Samsung Smart Tv to play Live TV on Mac

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I have a new Un60HU8550 Samsung Smart Tv, it has the capability to broadcast live TV, or whatever is playing on the screen wirelessly within the network to samsung smartphones, windows phones and iPhones. Does anyone know if there is some work around to make this happen on my Mac. When ever I search for this all I come up with is people wanting to get their TV to see their Mac, the opposite of what I'm looking to do. Samsung's App is called Smart View, but not available for Mac. I tried running it in parallels in windows 8.1, the TV shows up in the list to connect, but never connects, only comes up with network error and then the Tv disappears from the list and have to close the program and reload and the same thing happens again. I hope I was able to describe this properly. I'm not trying to see my Mac on the TV just to clarify, I want to see my TV on my Mac. I know there must be a way to do it. I would appreciate any help, and thank you in advance.
The best answer: Update: I have Mavericks 10.9.4