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Copying Freight condition from delivery, on order related billing line

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My client use Pitney Bowes interface to calculate freight on outbound deliveries, Interface creates condition ZPFR on delivery; It works well, however scenarios such as milestone billing and phantoms are order related billing; I couldn't find standard way to read those delivery conditions and bring over to order related invoice.
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The best answer: Hi Mukund,
As mentioned, Milestone orders and phantom parts are order related billing.
Components (for phantom) and lines on milestone order are shipped, therefore freight is calculated on delivery.
At this moment,
1. Workaround is to manually add freight condition on sales order, after PitneyBowes calculated freight on above delivery.
2. Write some custom solution to copy freight condition from delivery to sales order (may not be best solution, but to avoid manual workaround)
Therefore, freight would carry over to invoice and finance flow works as other delivery related invoicing.
thank you for reply.