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Creat Shipping point configuration for plant

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I want create shipping point for plant XYZ.
I need to create shipping point, so that I can maintain country and Transportation zone for the same.
Request you please tell me where i can configure in IMG?
What is the step by step process for setting shippong point for anty plant ?
The best answer: Hi Vicky,
Shipping Point Configuration:
1) SPRO->Enterprise Structure->Definition->Logistics Execution->Define, copy, delete, check shipping point...  for Defining the Shipping Point
2)SPRO->Enterprise Structure->Assignment->Logistics Execution->Assign shipping point to plant... for linking Shipping Point with Plant.
3)SPRO->Logistics Execution ->Shipping->Basic Shipping Functions->Shipping Point and Goods Receiving Point Determination->
             ->Define Shipping Conditions
             ->Define Loading Groups
             -> Assign Shipping Points ........ here you enter the combination of Shipping Condition, Loading Group, Plant for  determing the Shipping Point which can be one default and many manual.