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Crop Tool crashes when OPENGL is activated

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im on vista 32bit and my notebook video driver is intel 965 chipset ( i just updated my drivers)
probem is when i enable my OPENGL in order to use the rotate canvas feature, crop tool crashes whenever i activate it. most of the tools work ok(haven\t tried all yet)
but when i disable OpenGL, crop tool works fine.
I need the rotate canvas feature & thus OPENGl enabled.. what can I do about the crop tool(and most probably some other tools) crashing on me?
i already tried resetting & install/reisntall. .does not help!!
pls advice!]
The best answer: You could try playing with the settings of OpenGL in the PS preferences dialog.
Or look at the video driver settings in Display Properties.
Otherwise, as I said, your computer may not be up to it.