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Dell XPS 13 (2015) - Windows 7/8.1 Dual Boot Audio Issue

Specs:  I have the i5 FHD XPS 13 9343 with 8gb of ram and 256gb SSD.
I bought the computer for dual personal and business purposes.  My company uses citrix to access virtual desktops and the security requirements are Windows 7/IE 9.  Upon purchase, I partitioned part of the hard drive and installed Windows 7 alongside Windows 8.1.  
Installing Windows 7 through UEFI mode to avoid having to wipe my Windows 8.1 install was challenging but I succeeded and installed all the Windows 7 drivers on Dells website.  I got IE 9 and remote access up and running and thought I was good to go.  The touchpad is a little rough in Windows 7, however when I am remote working I always have a mouse so it's not a big deal.
Then the issue began.  I noticed that in Windows 8.1, when I put the computer to sleep, I would lose my audio device.  When I restarted it would still be gone, only a full shutdown would bring it back.  I also began to lose my audio device in Windows 7 either after sleep or entirely from a cold startup.
I have tried everything.  Uninstalled and reinstalled the realtek drivers under windows 7 and 8.1 multiple times, tried to get microsoft HD audio drivers to install, even attempted a regedit fix I found on pcgamer.com.  Nothing has gotten me to the point where I can consistently sleep the computer in both OSes and regain sound, or restart between OSes and keep the sound.  Sometimes I can sleep the computer and keep sound, however once I lose it, I must shutdown and startup again to regain it.  
The hard drive still has the original partitions from Dell.  I don't know if this has any effect.  My Windows 7 partition is 60 GB.  
Anyone who has any idea what may be happening I would love some help.  I really don't want to wipe the HD since my remote access is so finicky and I would rather not lose that Windows 7 install at this time.  
The best answer: Well every so often the audio device stops working and it seems to disappear and reappear periodically. No audio will play and audio tests fail.
Have just uninstalled / reinstalled drivers (again) and it's back working, however I'm not getting my hopes up!


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