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Different shipping condition getting copied

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Hi Gurus,
Flow1: SO - Delivery - Billing docuement: The Shipping condition entered at the SO is 'Air' and it same across delivery and billing document
Flow2: STO - Replenish Cross Company Delivery - InterCompany billing: The shipping condition enter at the STO is 'Air' and the same got copied to the delivery but some how changed to 'Liner' at Billing document
Is it a Standard SAP behavious? If not, How do we correct this Flow2 so that shipping condition should be same across the documents
Kindly let me know
Best Regards
The best answer: Dear Yash,
for Flow-2, check the Ship cond for Sales doc type-STO in VOV8.
he rule for determining the shipping condition in sales document  will follow the below sequence:
Manual entry will have the highest preference
Shipping point from the sales document
Shipping point from customer master.