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Does jsfexcelcreator work with Sun jsf RI 1.1

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hi ,
i want to export a datatable into excel file, i tried jsfexcelcreator tool with window.open('consultation_poste.jsp?tableId=table1')
but it does not work.
i read that jsfexcelcreator work with JSF 1.2, but does it work with Sun jsf RI 1.1?
thank you for any help
The best answer: hi,
yes, it work now, the 2 jars were not in lib folder .
thank you very much for your help.
a last question please.
when i run the application with the ip adress example:
the export work well.
but when i use a DNS name example:
it does not open excel file.
do you have any idea?
hmm that should work. can you also check these?
- jakarta-poi.jar under lib folder
- id of the table is equal to table1
- and a double-check for jsfexcelcreator.jar under lib folder :)