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Download current version of Skype to Samsung Smart...

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My Samsung Smart TV has Version 2.0.  My business associate says I needs to be compatible.  Is this true?  I can't manually upgrade the TV software.  What do I do?
The best answer: This really does sound like a cache problem....so I suggest the following:
If you are using IE w/ default settings it will cache everything it can to "improve page performance".
In IE -> Tools -> General Tab -> Temorary Internet Files -> Settings....
Set the page to check every visit to the page
In IE -> Tools -> General Tab -> Temorary Internet Files -> Delete Files (check delete offline content) -> Click Ok
Install the MS IE WebDeveloper tool bar (search on Microsoft.com) and do Misc -> Clear Domain Cache.
If you are using FF try installing their web developer tool bar and doing Misc -> Clear Private Data -> Clear Cache.