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Downloading and installing Adobe Flash 10.3 without android market

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I know its really frustrating so im going to try to help if you have had problems.  Go download android black market  if you can find it go to 4shared.c o m search black market apk . 
Ok after installing black market search for Adobe flash and it will properly let you download it.  Note if your using wifi and not phone service you cannot access all flash programs like farmville.  But can access some flash games that you dont play online and screensavers over wifi.  Good luck downloading Adobe Flash other  then market place without going threw black market.   You have to have 2.2 and up though if you need help just ask
The best answer: Rich,
Replied to you in the other thread.  If you're having a desktop issue, please create your own thread and list out your OS, browser version and installed version of Flash Player and we'll do what we can to help you out.


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