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Droid Mini notifications for email and text not working

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I am having a problem with notification sounds not working for email and text messages with my Droid Mini. I took my original phone to the Verizon shop. They did a factory reset. Sound worked for two days. Went back to Verizon and they reset it again. But they did tell me if it happened again to call Verizon and they would send me a new phone. Well it happened again. Got my new phone just last week. Well yesterday and today the sound notifications for text messages and email is not working on the new phone.  Last night I powered the phone off and back on and all was working well until this morning.
This is very upsetting as I really do like this phone. Would like to know what is going on with it. Have checked all the volumes and they are all up.
Is there a fix for this.
Thank you.
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The best answer: For Gmail it is: open Gmail > menu > settings > your gmail address > notifications check box is unchecked.
There are some additional notification options for labels too.