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Editing without a capture card

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I have just set up a mac pro 3.2 with FCS 2.
Planning to do some extra HD editing work at home. I will not
be needing an HD I/O card as I will be supplied strictly files to edit
and render out.
What is confusing me....is that in the sequence set up list- I do not have any
HD uncompressed options to select....I have also installed the black magic and aja codecs to deal with these remotely without the hardware...and they are not showing up either ( although they do show up in quicktime pro )
I have searched the forums and blogs all night and can't seem to ascertain if one needs an HD I/O card just to get access to these codecs. Is FCS 2 running a hardware scan during launch and locking these codecs out?
Please advise.
The best answer: shure, i was refering about the card.
On the PC side i suggest a core i5 or i7 ( the faster , the better), 64bit Windows, 6 or more GB Ram (have 16GB in my PC for Aftereffects) ,
separate harddisk for videofiles and Premiere/Aftereffects CS5 or CS5.5 and one of the suggested graphiccards ( look ad the CS5 homepage).
All depending to your need, to work with AVCHD files.