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Error 1030723 Unable to get UTF-8 locale when using Essbase API 11.1.1

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Now I got a question about how to connect to an Essbase Server by using essbase client API (11.1.1). I encountered an error “Unable to get UTF-8 locale” when I tried to EssInit((pInitStruct, phInstance) API.
However, I had no problem to call the API if I uses essbase previous client APIs (7.1 or 9.3).
I passed the “ESS_API_UTF8” to usApiType field in the ESS_INIT_T struct. When I openned the “essapi.h” header file, I found these are some new fields (highlighted in red color below) added in the essbase client API (11.1.1)
ESS_TSA_ELEMENT(ESS_ULONG_T, Version); /* This should be set to ESS_API_VERSION */
ESS_TSA_ELEMENT(ESS_PVOID_T, UserContext); /* void pointer to user's message context */
ESS_TSA_ELEMENT(ESS_USHORT_T, MaxHandles); /* max number of context handles required */
ESS_TSA_ELEMENT(ESS_SIZE_T, MaxBuffer); /* max size of buffer that can be allocated */
ESS_TSA_ELEMENT(ESS_STR_T, LocalPath); /* local path to use for file operations */
ESS_TSA_ELEMENT(ESS_STR_T, MessageFile); /* full path name of message database file */
ESS_TSA_ELEMENT(ESS_PFUNC_T, AllocFunc); /* user-defined memory allocation function */
ESS_TSA_ELEMENT(ESS_PFUNC_T, ReallocFunc); /* user-defined memory reallocation function */
ESS_TSA_ELEMENT(ESS_PFUNC_T, FreeFunc); /* user-defined memory free function */
ESS_TSA_ELEMENT(ESS_PFUNC_T, MessageFunc); /* user-defined message callback function */
ESS_TSA_ELEMENT(ESS_STR_T, HelpFile); /* user-defined help file path */
ESS_TSA_ELEMENT(ESS_PVOID_T, Ess_System); /* reserved for internal use */
ESS_TSA_ELEMENT(ESS_PCATCHFUNC_T, CatchFunc); /* user-defined kill-own-request signal callback function */
ESS_TSA_ELEMENT(ESS_PCATCH_INIT_FUNC_T, CatchInitFunc); /* user-defined kill-own-request signal initialization callback function */
ESS_TSA_ELEMENT(ESS_PCATCH_TERM_FUNC_T, CatchTermFunc); /* user-defined kill-own-request signal termination callback function */
ESS_TSA_ELEMENT(ESS_PCOOKIE_CREATE_FUNC_T, CookieCreateFunc); /* user-defined cookie creation function */
ESS_TSA_ELEMENT(ESS_PCOOKIE_DELETE_FUNC_T, CookieDeleteFunc); /* user-defined cookie creation function */
I could not find any document to introduce the API (11.1.1. And what does the error “Unable to get UTF-8 locale” mean? How can work around it. Any environment parameters or paths need to be set?
Please advise.
The best answer: Hi,
The API documentation for V11 is available from :- http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E12825_01/epm.111/esb_apiref/frameset.htm?launch.htm
Hopefully it might point you in the right direction.


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