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Error In Generating the PDF Form

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When I'm trying to activate the PDF Form, I got a message asying Error while Generating the PDF Form.
Can we debugg the Form, if yes, can body tell me how to with this process.
Any pointers would be a great Help.
The best answer: Hi Om,
I need to fix this issue and I had taken help from Rohini.
I will try to explain the issue in detail.
I am trying to execute Tax Reporter Transaction PU19. Iam executing Quarterly Form 941 for USA for a Tax Company and a Period. This report gives an output Log and the log had generated errors in the log section General errors and Warnings.
The errors are :
Errors in generating the PDF Form : HR_F_941 and
Errors in generating the PDF Form : HR_F_941_SCHED_B
As we are new to the PDF Forms we don't know why the report has generated and how to find out by debugging or any other way.
So I need to find out how the above errors can be identified?
Thanks and Regards,