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Error while authenticating a user

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Dear all,
Hope you all are doing well.
Production issue :
When an user tries to login with his username and password. He is getting error message "INTERNAL ERROR OCCURED".
And the standard RFC which i'm using for authenticating user is  SUSR_LOGIN_CHECK_RFC
       bname                                 = ip_empid
       password                             = ip_password
       wait                                     = 1
       user_locked                          = 2
       user_not_active                    = 3
       password_expired                 = 4
       wrong_password                   = 5
       no_check_for_this_user         = 6
       password_attempts_limited    = 7
       internal_error                         = 8
OTHERS                                    = 9.
I want to know what is the meaning of this internal error ? something is going wrong with the standard RFC which I am referring to ? Some one please help me out..
Thanks in advance.
The best answer: Hi Syed,
Really need more of a context to your problem.
1. You've posted in the SSO forum. A SSO problem or a normal SAPGUI logon problem ?
2. You say .... "And the standard RFC which i'm using for authenticating user is  SUSR_LOGIN_CHECK_RFC" .... Meaning what ??? you are using a home developed solution ?
3. Problem affects one user or all users ?
4. Backend version and kernel pl level please.