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Error while invoking a WS-Security secured web service from Oracle BPEL..

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Hi ,
We are facing some error while invoking a WS-Security secured web service from our BPEL Process on the windows platform(SOA
For the BPEL process we are following the same steps as given in an AMIS blog : - [http://technology.amis.nl/blog/1607/how-to-call-a-ws-security-secured-web-service-from-oracle-bpel]
but sttill,after deploying it and passing values in it,we are getting the following error on the console :-
“Header [http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/ws/2004/08/addressing:Action] for ultimate recipient is required but not present in the message”
Any pointers in this regard will be highly appreciated.
The best answer: Hi James,
Thanks for the quick reply.
We've tried to call that web service from an HTML designed in Visual Studios with the same username and password and its working fine.
But on the BPEL console, we are getting the error as mentioned.
Also if you can tell me how to set the user name and password in the header of the parter link.I could not find how to do it.