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Error While Saving As PDF

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We are on HFM and financial reports and I am having an issue when running a report batch. I have a batch that I run each month which contains a few reports which are emailed out to users. For some reason, the second time the batch runs on one of the reports for a different entity (using bursting on the entity) I get the below error message.
Error while saving as PDF
Index: 3, Size: 3
Any thoughts? The email goes out fine and the other reports are fine.
The best answer: Check KM article id 1504257.1.
It says following solution :
1. On the FR server, navigate to Oracle \ Middleware \ EPMSystem11R1 \ products \ financialreporting \ bin.
2. Double-click FRConfig.cmd.
3. When the Java window (Java Monitoring & Management Console) pops up, click on the MBeans tab.
4. Expand com.hyperion > Financial Reporting > Attributes.
5. Locate the PrintServers entry.  Remove any invalid server names from the Value field.
6. Stop and start the Hyperion Financial Reporting Web Application.