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Event Scheduling Issue

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We have several users reporting that they are getting email notifications about invitations to new calendar events, but the events do not show up in their calendars. Sometimes, if the originator deletes & re-creates the event, the event then shows up on the individual's calendar. One user indicates that if the organizer of the event is a co-owner of their calendar, it shows up in her own calendar just fine.
In case this may have any bearing on the situation, we did perform a "dump & load" procedure on 14 Sep, at Sun support's suggestion, to clear up some db corruption that simple rebuilds wouldn't fix.
Any ideas?
The best answer: shane_hjorth wrote:
Kdcypher wrote:
Sorry, that would be UWC (Communications Express). Since you mentioned it, I went ahead and checked in cal-express, and all the test events I set up for myself are showing up there just fine, but not in UWC.Curious. So this begs the question, is the problem in UWC/CE (caching?) or in the WCAP calendar interface/mechanism.
Are you able to reproduce the problem if you use a WCAP client e.g. Mozilla Thunderbird with the Lightning Plugin?
At your suggestion, I just installed the Lightning plugin, and the events that are missing in Communications Express, are NOT missing when checking with Thunderbird with the Lightning plugin, so WCAP doesn't appear to be messing it up.
Also does the missing events show up if you log out of UWC/CE and then log-back in again.