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Everyones Oracle Linux Problem solved!!!

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Everyones Oracle Linux Problem solved!!!
Here's something Linux people should relate to: Use what works!
what works?
NT works! NT works great with 8i AND OAS.
No hassles at all!
Up and running within one day!!!!
U don't see a NT forum here with people having ridiculous install problems like Linux people?
Perhaps Oracle should moderate this newsgroup and even give an authorative answer or two?
The best answer: I have switched our development and soon production databases to Linux because it runs like a charm. Fast and efficient, no problems. The installer has been a problem no doubt because Oracle put less of an emphasis on debugging their Linux installer than their idiot-proof NT installer.
By the way, I was able to circumvent installer problems by just linking svrmgrl to svrmgrlO; this avoided the dreaded segmentation fault and kicked everything open just fine.
BTW, about NT; what makes an OS is not how well everything works when everything is going well, but how bad it gets when something goes bad. For instance, the segmentation faults on Linux weren't a problem because I just picked up and continued; on NT you'd have to restart the whole system...not a pleasant feature.