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Firefox 37.01 on imac with yosemite. Flash plug-in on YouTube is constanly crashing. On other browsers I don't have this issue.

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Hi, All previous versions of Firefox have worked fine. With this version, 37.01, flash constantly crashes in the youtube application. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling...worked for a while after that...but then started doing it again. I've tested youtube using three different browsers (safari, opera and chrome) from the same computer...had no youtube issues with any of these. I also tried enabling html5...didn't seem to help with this. I believe there is some sort of bug with version 37.01. Please advise.
The best answer: Crashes or other problems with certain multimedia content in Firefox (such as YouTube videos and Flash animations or games) can often be resolved by performing the steps in these Knowledge Base articles:
* [[Flash Plugin - Keep it up to date and troubleshoot problems]]
* [[Adobe Flash plugin has crashed - Prevent it from happening again]]
Let me know if those help!


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