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Flashing Under Linux?

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I was wondering there is a way to flash my motherboard in Linux.  I do not have a floppy drive, just a USB jump drive.  Is there a method that anyone knows about?
The best answer: Hi!
Flashing a BIOS under Linux is (until someone finds a solution) next to impossible since the kernel won't let you access the hardware directly.
You better get yourself a DOS Bootdisk from http://www.bootdisk.com/ and write it onto a floppy. If you have access to a Windows XP based system simply insert a diskette, open "My Computer", right click "3.5" Floppy", select "Format" and choose "Create system disk". This will give you a bootable floppy as well.
As soon as you have a bootable floppy download the appropriate BIOS for your mainboard and extract the contents onto the floppy. If there's not enough space clean up the floppy until there are only command.com, io.sys, msdos.sys left on it. Since you are running Linux be sure to mount it FAT12 and not FAT16 or, even worse, FAT32.
Shutdown, insert the floppy into the disk drive and let your system boot.
On the command prompt you might want to type:
A:\> amiflh A6702VMS.180 /a
NOTE: The example above refers to an K8T Neo!
Hope this helps.