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Generate xml source file for Oracle Order Capture Print Quote

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I am new to xml and need to work on creating templates for Print Quote.
I am trying to generate the xml source file for which I enabled the report in system administrator and set the output to XML and assigned to Quoting Reports responsiblity. I then assigned XML Report Publisher to the same responsiblity.
I ran the report (Print Quote) and then I am trying to run the XML Report Publisher but I cannot get the request id in the list of values.
I am able to generate xml source file for other reports like Printed Purchase Order etc.,
The view output for the (Print Quote) report is as follows:
<?xml version="1.0" ?>
- <!-- Generated by Oracle Reports version
How do I get the xml source file? Or are there seeded templates that I can use to create more templates? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Ravi
The best answer: Hi, I am in the same position - did this issue ever ger resolved by anyone. I have done a few XMLP reports successfully now using the Word add-in, but customising the Quote output differs from other standard reports.
If you look at the data definition for Quote it is a 'dummy' definition and has no XML file attached. Does anyone know how I can get the XML format for the report output?
Also the template uses XSL-FO ?!?!?! rather than RTF - not sure how to work with this, the Oracle docs are not very helpful in this regard either.
Has anyone successfully managed to customise the Quote print report? Many thanks,