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Get last logon + user name

Hi Everyone 
first on all where is the powershell forum ?
I need help with powershell,
we have file ( Excel -CSV )  that contains names of 70  computers name ,
I want to know which user did logon and  who is now is login.
I succeed to get the last login but I do not know which user did logon
I will happy if someone help me , thank you and i appreciate you
My Website:www.Pelegit.co.il Mcitp /Mcsa 2012
The best answer: Hi Meir,
>>Get last logon + user name
Regarding this question, the following thread can be referred to for more information.
How to display last login user account in active directory ?
>>first on all where is the powershell forum ?
Windows PowerShell
Best regards,
Frank Shen
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