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HDMI and OpenGL Graphics

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I recently introduced a colleague of mine to Arch, and all's going well except for a handful of issues. His primary concern is that he enjoys plugging his laptop into his TV via HDMI. This isn't a problem; we got him set up quite easily (hardest part was sending sound). The problem arises when he tries to play any game with OpenGL graphics (or at least two, namely Minecraft and an OpenGL game I'm currently developing).
SYMPTOMS: OpenGL runs fine. No framerate issues, quick to start. However, when he closes the OpenGL window, his display will go black as if he's losing HDMI connectivity. He can then open his laptop and continue using Arch from there, but if he wants HDMI back, he has to restart (at least X11).
I tried Googling around for this issue, but got no luck. If there are other threads you could point me toward, that would be great. Otherwise, what more information does the community require to diagnose the issue?
The best answer: He's using an Intel graphics card (I can get the model if needed). I don't recall installing a specific driver, but I installed xf86-video-intel when setting him up, which installed intel-dri in the process. Do you need a specific driver? If so, what command delivers that information?