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HOTSYNC PROBLEM SOLVED -between Palm TX using desktop version 6.2 & Windows 7 64 bit

I to struggled with performing hotsynch between my Palm TX and my new Windows 7 64 bit computer.  After 2.5 hours of palm tech support on my pc they gave up and deemed the task not solvable.  I spent hours trying various options-nothing worked until this.
I performed a google search for Toshiba bluetooth x64 drivers.  This took me to the following link:
I downloaded PC Bluetooth Stack version 7.00.10 for Windows 7 x 64.  After downloading this suddenly the palm syncing software on my pc gave me the option to connect via bluetooth and I was on my way.  My bluetooth dongle (cirago BTA-3210) was not a toshiba, but did use the toshiba driver stack.  The driver that came with the bluetooth was not up to date- even though it was just purchased at newegg.  The driver update that my pc found was also not 64 bit compatible.  The only fix was to download the driver from Europe- hooray!!!!!  PROBLEM SOLVED
Post relates to: Palm TX
Post relates to: Palm TX
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