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How can I install Creative Cloud Desktop on a MacBook Pro running Parallels Desktop and Windows 8.1?

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Does anyone have any help for installing Creative Cloud on a MacBook Pro running Parallels Desktop and Windows 8.1? I downloaded the app, double-clicked it, said yes to allowing it to change my system, and received a notice of installation failure with Error code 1000. Any help much appreciated.
The best answer: RogueResearcher please see Error "Failed to Install" Creative Cloud Desktop application - http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/kb/failed-install-creative-cloud-desktop.html for information on how to install the Creative Cloud Desktop application.  If you continue to experience Error Code 1000 can you please post a screen shot of the error?  Please see FAQ: How do I capture and post a screen shot or video? for information on how to post an image.


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