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How can I install java framework manually?

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After deleting java folders how can I create java framework manually.
The best answer: macnewuser13 wrote:
I am not worried about security issue.
I just want to run Java Applet in any of my browsers.
Our Application is should work in browser as an applet that is the first thing.
Security is second issue.
So please tell me which is the mininum Java Version I can install in Mac OS to avoid this security checking.
If choose Snow Leopard also same issue it will have?
I want to run Java Applet some how in any of Mac OS with any Java version above 1.6.0
The Security issue is over (for now, but I'm confident it will be back).  You can safely update to either Java SE 7u15 at Oracle or Java for Mac OS X 10.6 Update 13 from Apple using Software Update or both. You can switch the browser plugin back and forth between the two by following these instructions that baltwo mentioned before.
All the experts are telling us that Java for the browser is dead, so if you are involved in the development of such Applets, you need to find a different solution or a new job.


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