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How can I install to a drive other than C?

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I installed the CS6 Master Collection trial version. During the installation, I specified a destination folder on my D: drive (C: is a small SSD drive meant to hold only Windows).
For the 32-bit versions of the programs, the shortcuts created in the Start Menu point to the D: location I specified during installation, but clicking on them gets me a "file not found" error, because the actual programs were placed on the C: drive. They work if I copy the installed Adobe folder and its full contents over to the appropriate D: location.
The 64-bit versions are a different mess: Unlike with the 32-bit versions, the installer placed the 64-bit versions of the programs in the specified D: drive folder, but when I attempt to start the programs, I get the "Configuration Error: Please uninstall and reinstall the program; Error: 1" message. Presumably this is because some of the configuration files or settings the programs are looking for are actually pointing to locations on the C: drive, where the installer put them despite my directions. But I have no idea which files or settings they are, or how to find them.
How can I fix these configuration errors and get the 64-bit versions working?
If anyone from Adobe sees this, can you please fix the installer so that it installs the ENTIRE package where I specified, and that all the various pieces installed know where the rest of the pieces are in a non-C drive installation?
My system:
Windows 7 SP1
Intel Core i7, 8GB RAM
C drive: 60GB SSD (Windows system files)
D drive: 1TB HDD (All other programs and files, including my Windows User folders)
The best answer: Yes, I have redirected my User folder to the D: drive.
I know that some shared components must reside on the C: drive; that's fine. I just don't have room for the entire installation on there.
The real issue here is that, when a drive other than C: is selected as the destination, the CS6 package installs into a broken state every time, out of the gate, on my system. Some components get installed to D: and some to C:, but the various components of the programs seem confused about what exists where, as shown below:
I select a folder on D: as the destination folder for the install, and here is what I get:
64-bit versions of the package -- Program files are installed to the D: drive as specified, but attempting to start them results in a configuration error message stating that the program must be uninstalled and reinstalled, and lists "Error code: 1".
32-bit versions of the package -- Program files are installed to the C: drive against what I specified. The shortcuts installed in the Start menu for the 32-bit versions point to the locations where these program files SHOULD be, on the D: drive. If the Adobe folder containing the program files is copied over to the correct location on D:, these programs function normally with no errors.
I have the 32-bit versions working by copying the program files from C: to D:. I just want to get the 64-bit versions working as well.
Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated; I'm really looking forward to testing the CS6 suite on my system!


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