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How can I watch itunes purchases on my samsung smart tv?

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I received a nice Samsung Smart TV as a Christmas gift and I have a couple unwatched movies I purchased on iTunes that I'd like to be able to watch on my TV as I do with the HBO Go, NetFlix, Amazon apps on my Samsung TV, etc. Is there an app I can download to watch iTunes purchases just as I watch Netflix et al? Before I had my smart TV or blu ray players with Netflix and Amazon I used to just connect my MacBook pro to my HDTV, but I feel like this method is quited outmoded now and was hoping for a different solution...
I know people will likely suggest purchasing Apple TV, but I don't see the point when I only own a couple iTunes movies/TV shows and already have a smart TV and two blu ray players with Netflix et al. Also, what else is Apple TV good for that my Smart TV and blu ray players and MacBook pro cannot do?
Would be great if they'd just develop an app that I can install on my smart TV, even if I had to pay a little bit for it... it's much preferable and easier than buying yet another overlapping product.
Thanks in advance for your feedback!
The best answer: There is an amazing FREE server named Plex.  Go to the website and install the app on your MacBook.  Now open the app and follow the instructions to select your movie folder.  You would want to select your iTunes movie folder in this instance.  You can select a different folder for TV shows.  You can also select more than one folder for each category.  Now while plex matches your movies with MetaData and cover art etc, go to your TV app store and install plex.  Follow through the instructions and add your IP to Plex on your TV.  And there you go, wirelessly streams your contact over your internal network!  It works great I have used this for a long time.
Any questions just ask


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