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How do I create a downloadable link from an Interactive PDF file created out of InDesign CS6?

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I created an Interactive PDF file out of InDesign and would like to make the large file a downloadable link and share it with the user in an email. I do not want to use DropBox or GoogleDrive.
The company I contract for has their own site - do I insert the file into the site or can I create a separate link for it?
I will be recreating these presentation PDF's constantly, so I would like to know if there is a simple way to create this link for files in the size of 7-12MB.
Any ideas on downloadable links? I do have flash - but rarely use, perhaps load the file out of flash?
Thank you so much for your help,
The best answer: Hi Willie,
Thanks for your help. Most likely contact the company who maintains the
site then to share the file with them I'm assuming?


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