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How do i install "Apple Remote Desktop 3.3" on Lion(10.7)

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How do i install "Apple Remote Desktop 3.3" on Lion(10.7) i have the Unlimited client version....
It tells me that the ARD 3.3 dont work on lion but 3.5 do... How do i upgrade it? Do i need to buy a new verion again to use it on Lion ?
The best answer: Hi here same thing.. i have Lion 10.7 installed.. every thing worked fine untill last night.. after the latest update.. ARD 3.5 inmediately 'hangs' on startup.
tried to set previous ARD from day before but no help..
then i tried to delete the whole program.. and re install it from my 500 dollar CD..  it won't install under 10.7.
whats next?! what is the solution?!
please help.. i work with it every day!!
thx for the replies...


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